Dynamix Styles CLUB

Dynamix Audio presents the new Dynamix Styles CLUB styles package, designed to complete our offer for all popular arrangements and offer a modern approach to arranger keyboards. Dynamix Styles CLUB contains 28 styles based on Power Drums, […]

Dynamix Guitar Trio

Dynamix Audio presents new sound package for Yamaha Genos, Tyros, and PSR arrangers, Korg Pa, and Roland E-A7 – Dynamix Guitar Trio. Dynamix Guitar Trio contains 6 sounds made of 3 famous electric guitars mapped with 3 […]

Magic Brass

Magic Brass is a two brass sound package, made for Korg Pa, Yamaha Tyros, PSR, and Roland E-A7. Two sounds are made with 3 velocity layers, one with swell, and other with shake multisample at the upper […]

FOLK Drum Kits

FOLK Drum Kits is a package containing 6 drum kits which can be purchased separately or as a whole. FOLK Drum Kits are the par of Dynamix Styles FOLK, now available without styles. There is 6 drum […]

Universal Pack 2

Universal Pack 2 is a sampled instrument package that contains two drum kits, and one bass guitar, made to be an easy replacement for factory drum kits and bass, and make styles sound good within an few […]

Dynamix Styles FOLK

Dynamix Audio presents a new style package Dynamix Styles FOLK for Korg Pa, Yamaha Tyros and PSR, and Roland E-A7. Dynamix Styles FOLK style package is based on 6 drum kits, two bass guitars, sampled and virtual […]

LIVE Drums & LIVE Bass

LIVE Drums is a drum kit made with 4 velocity layers, mixed and sampled to give natural sound for use with many music genres and styles. LIVE Bass is a bass guitar made with 3 velocity layers, […]

Guerrini President

Guerrini President is a package of 4 sampled registers of this famous accordion, specially mapped for Roland E-A7. Guerrini President is sampled and recorded with two professional microphones, each on a different octave so the recorded sound […]

Dynamix Styles XL

Dynamix Styles XL is a package made of 25 universal styles for pop and folk music, made for Roland E-A7. Dynamix Styles XL contains sampled drum kit, and other instruments on which is based: – Modern Drums […]

Rock Bass

Rock Bass is a bass guitar made with little bit of distortion effect, which is typically used in rock music. Rock Bass is heavy, with character and very powerful sound. Rock Drums is a sampled drum kit, […]

Rock Drums

Rock Drums is a sampled drum kit, made with 4 velocity layers. Rock Drums is recorded and sampled with natural room ambience, in order to achieve large and powerful sounding drum kit. Rock Bass is a bass […]

Dynamix Styles 3 – Roland E-A7

Dynamix Styles 3 is a package that contains 11 custom made, universal styles for Pop&Rock music. Each styles is base on our preofessionally sampled instruments and drum kits, Modern Drum Kits, Modern Bass, and DMX Acc Guitar. […]

Modern Bass

Modern Bass is very simple, but effective bass guitar made specially for Roland E-A7 and with Modern Drum Kits in mind for great compatibility. Modern Bass Roland E-A7 €39.90 EURKorg Pa600 €39.90 EURKorg Pa900 €39.90 EURKorg Pa3X […]

Modern Drum Kits

Modern Drum Kits is a package of 7 sampled drum kits for Roland E-A7, Korg Pa, and Yamaha Tyros arrangers. Modern Drum Kits are sampled with great care, and they offer professional sounding drum kits for Roland […]

Pan Flute

Pan Flute is a sampled instrument made with two velocity layers. Lower layer is more subtle and it is triggered by playing soft, while upper layer is with stronger attack and it is triggered by playing harder. […]

Pro Bass

Pro Bass is a part of a new PRO line of professionally sampled instrument designed for Native Instruments Kontakt sampler . Pro Bass is sampled with 5 Velocity layers through 2 Round Robin sample variations. The package […]

Pro Drums

Pro Drums is a part of a new PRO line of professionally sampled instrument designed for Native Instruments Kontakt sampler . The instrument is designed so that all settings are immediately available to the user who can […]

Universal Drums

Universal Drums is simple and at the same time very powerful drum kit for Korg Pa, Yamaha Genos, Tyros, PSR, and Roland arrangers. Korg Pa package contains 5 drum kits, but those are made out of same […]

Dynamix Workstation Pro

Dynamix Workstation Pro is the ultimate solution for all arranger keyboards, regardless of the arranger’s age, availability of Sample Board, or the amount of RAM. Dynamix Workstation Pro is a sampled instruments package made for software sampler […]