LIVE Drums & LIVE Bass

LIVE Drums is a drum kit made with 4 velocity layers, mixed and sampled to give natural sound for use with many music genres and styles. LIVE Bass is a bass guitar made with 3 velocity layers, […]

Guerrini President

Guerrini President is a package of 4 sampled registers of this famous accordion, specially mapped for Roland E-A7. Guerrini President is sampled and recorded with two professional microphones, each on a different octave so the recorded sound […]

Dynamix SET Pro LITE

Dynamix SET Pro LITE is a package containing all sampled instruments and drum kits for Korg Pa and Yamaha Tyros arrangers. Dynamix SET Pro LITE is similar to Dynamix SET Pro but without style packages. Many style packages are […]

XXL Snares 1

XXL Snares 1 is a sample package containing 30 snare drums made of 146 stereo samples earlier used in our drum kits. XXL Snares 1 is an ultimate snare package suitable for all music styles and genres, […]

Dynamix Flute

Dynamix Flute is a new sampled instrument from Dynamix Audio. The sound contains two velocity layers, one with natural tone with vibrato, and another one with overblown tone for maximum realism and playability. Dynamix Flute Korg Pa600 […]

Dynamix Terce

Dynamix Terce is a package of universal sampled thirds that can be used with all instruments, be it a accordion, saxophone, trumpet, guitar or other solo instrument. Dynamix Terce are sampled Sine Wave on 1khz, so they […]

Pop Brass

Dynamix Pop Brass is a sound made of 4 instruments: Trombone, Tenor Sax, and 2 Trumpets. It is sampled and mapped in two velocity layers, so each sample is shared only by two notes, which contributes to […]

Drums by Request

Drums by Request is a new service from Dynamix Audio. Now you can order your set of loops, made just for you to meet your needs. Drums by Request is the perfect solution for those who want […]

Pro Bass

Pro Bass is a part of a new PRO line of professionally sampled instrument designed for Native Instruments Kontakt sampler . Pro Bass is sampled with 5 Velocity layers through 2 Round Robin sample variations. The package […]

Pro Drums

Pro Drums is a part of a new PRO line of professionally sampled instrument designed for Native Instruments Kontakt sampler . The instrument is designed so that all settings are immediately available to the user who can […]

LIVE Drums

LIVE Drums is a new drum kit previously presented in Dynamix Styles Live GM style package. Recorded and sampled with 6 velocity layers, with over 40 different snare samples, LIVE Drums is built for maximum realism and […]

Universal Drums

Universal Drums is simple and at the same time very powerful drum kit for Korg Pa, Yamaha Genos, Tyros, PSR, and Roland arrangers. Korg Pa package contains 5 drum kits, but those are made out of same […]

Dynamix Styles 123 LIVE

Dynamix Styles 123 LIVE is a compilation of 3 universal style packages, styles for folk and pop music, but now gathered around just one drum kit and bass guitar, to save memory, and then the equalize all […]

LIVE Drums Loops

Dynamix Loops – Loops Drums LIVE is a package of audio drum loops which have been previously used in LIVE Dynamix Styles bundled universal styles of folk music. LIVE Drums Loops can now be used separately in […]

Dynamix Styles LIVE GM

Dynamix Styles LIVE GM is a new version of the popular Dynamix Styles LIVE , universal styles for folk music. Dynamix Styles LIVE GM has new drum tracks in MIDI format, while the same acoustic drums set from LIVE pack is now sampled in detail and it is now the base of LIVE GM style pack […]

Voice Processor Preset – Pa800 & Pa2X Pro

The Vocal Processor Preset has all major and minor scales for use on the Korg Pa800, and Pa2X Pro arranger. Each setting has a preset for Compressor, EQ and De-esser for a professional vocal sound. Every preset has duplex third, singing male and female vocals,  studio quality Reverb and Delay effects which are fully customizable. Voice […]

Dynamix Duduk

Dynamix Duduk is a very complex program with three velocity layers of this great instrument. Complex only in interpreting the possibilities it offers, and not in the use, and the Dynamix Duduk that you hear on this presentation is played only with right hand, using only the dynamics of playing and manipulating all three available layers. In this way frees the left hand of Assignable Switches and Pitch Bender, and therefore leaves undisturbed leads […]

Dynamix Styles LIVE

Dynamix Styles Live is a new package of universal styles for Southeast Europe, intended for Korg Pa, Yamaha Tyros and Audy Ketron arrangers! Unlike the previous three style packages that only had sampled drums, Dynamix Styles Live […]


Dynamix Samples Tapan is samplet with 5 layers for best representation of this specific instrument. Dynamix Samples Tapan is available as Korg Pa Drum Kit, Tyros 3 & 4 Custom Drums, or in wave format.   Tapan […]

Dynamix Styles 3

Dynamix Styles 3  is a new set of universal styles for Korg Pa and Yamaha Tyros arrangers created specifically for pop music. The Dynamix Styles 3 style set incorporates Dynamix Audio’s Pop Pack, Stereo Riff Guitar and Les Paul Guitar samples.The Dynamix Styles 3 style set is available for Korg Pa2x Pro, Pa800 and Yamaha Tyros 2 arrangers. Dynamix […]

Dynamix Bouzouki

Dynamix Bouzouki is a Custom Voice for Tyros arranger. Dynamix Bouzouki has three elements, or layers, each of which is immediately available without the need for a program change but rather by simply manipulating the velocity during […]

Precision Bass

Precision Bass is a superb finger bass guitar sampled in two different multi-samples and packaged in two different programs; Precision Bass 1 and Precision Bass 2. Each program has 5 oscillators, slides, note off and three layers of […]

Ethno Winds

Ethno Winds is a group of brass instruments commonly used in folk music in the Balkan region. Ethno Winds contains: Clarinet, Sax Ethno 1, Sax Ethno 2, Sax Off Tune, Kaval, Bulgarian and Macedonian bagpipe. Ethno Winds […]

Stereo Steel Guitar

Stereo Steel Guitar is a superb acoustic guitar for either rhythm or solos. Sampled from two different acoustic guitars recorded at the same time, Stereo Steel Guitar perfectly simulates an acoustic guitar recorded using the duplex technique. […]

Pop Pack

Dynamix Pop Pack is a group of four sampled Programs for Korg Pa, and Yamaha Tyros arrangers. Dynamix Pop Pack is made up of Oil Drums, Precision Bass, Crunch Guitar, and Dynamix Grand Piano. Oil Drums is […]

Dynamix President

Dynamix President is the finest sample of a Guerrini President accordion available. The accordion used for this sample was over 35 years old giving it that traditional Guerrini sound. Dynamix President has three layers, one for a […]

Ethno Drums

Dynamix Ethno Drums continues the tradition of superior sampled drum which started with Nashville Drums, and Sonor Real Drums with the difference being that these are designed primarily for folk music but can also be used for […]

Ethno Pack

Dynamix Ethno Pack is a suite of samples specially made for folk music. Dynamix Ethno Pack contains Ethno Drums, Ethno Bass and Ethno Guitar 1, Ethno Guitar 2, and Ethno Guitar 3. These programs are three basic […]

Sonor Real Drums

After the introduction of the very popular Nashville Drums, Dynamix Samples presents Sonor Real Drums. Sonor Real Drums’ drum kits are mapped to a maximum of six layers, with RX Technology and Round Robin simulation. Sonor Real […]

Stereo Riff Guitar

Stereo Riff guitar is a riff guitar made for playing with just one note. It plays standard guitar riffs with base tone, fifth, and octave, as guitarist plays riffs. Stereo Riff Guitar is made for use in […]

Snare Expansion

After the introduction of the very popular Nashville Drums for Korg Pa arrangers, we’ve created Snare Expansion with 6 new snare drums with up to 4 layers. Snares Expansion can be imported into any other set of […]

Tremolo Mandolin

Tremolo Mandolin is another sample pack in Dynamix Samples collection. A great tremolo mandolin sample, sampled for each note with different tremolo speed stacked in four octaves for ultimate interpretation.   Tremolo Mandolin Korg Pa800 €39.90 EURKorg […]

Les Paul Guitar

Les Paul Guitar is another bank in the Dynamix Samples collection. Les Paul Custom 1972 is sampled for Korg PA1X, PA1X Pro, PA800, PA2X Pro, and PA3X arrangers as well as the Yamaha Tyros 2, 3, 4, […]

Musicman Bass

Musicman Bass is a multi-sample in the Dynamix Samples collection. This bass guitar was recorded through a high quality amplifier, EQ and compressor. Musicman Bass works with Korg PA1X , PA1X Pro, PA800, PA2X Pro, and PA3X […]

Nashville Drums

Nashville Drums is the first in a series of Dynamix Samples collections. This drum set has passed a professional mix, and subsequently sampled in four layers to ensure maximum enjoyment and complete control when creating and playing […]

Dynamix Workstation Pro

Dynamix Workstation Pro is the ultimate solution for all arranger keyboards, regardless of the arranger’s age, availability of Sample Board, or the amount of RAM. Dynamix Workstation Pro is a sampled instruments package made for software sampler […]

Ethno Percussions

Ethno Percussions are a new segment in the Dynamix brand and offers 50 professionally produced percussion loops for maximum pleasure in playing and creating styles. Ethno package are loops that contain Percussion Darbuka, Bongos, Congas, Tabla, Udo, […]

Dynamix SET Pro

Dynamix SET Pro is a complete package of all our products for Korg Pa, and Yamaha Tyros arrangers. Whether you have a PA600, Pa800, Pa2X Pro, PA3X, Tyros 3 or Tyros 4,  Dynamix SET Pro offers all products in […]

Dynamix Styles 2

Korg Pa800, Pa2X Pro, Pa3X Dynamix Styles 2, the next in a series of universal folk music styles! Dynamix Styles 2 is based on the Ethno Pack programs – Ethno Drums, Ethno Bass and Guitar which is […]

Dynamix Styles 1

Korg Pa800, Pa2X Pro, Pa3X Dynamix Styles 1 are universal styles for Korg Pa800 Pro Pa2X and arrangers. Dynamix Styles 1 contain Sonor Real Drums with 6 layers, Musicman Bass, Tremolo Mandolin mono and stereo, Stereo Guitar […]