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Acoustic Strummer

Acoustic Strummer is a package for Yamaha arrangers, specially created to realistically simulate acoustic guitar strumming. Not only that, but Acoustic Strummer is made to be very easy to use in any factory, or custom made style.

There is two versions of the package:

1. Acoustic Strummer
2. Acoustic Strummer LITE

Acoustic Strummer is a full package that contains 23 full featured styles, based on our very popular Power Drums, Club Bass combination, there is also Bass Slides to add more realism to the styles.
Every style in this package has strumming guitar patterns already included.

Acoustic Strummer LITE contains all the same guitar strumming patterns, however without drums and bass guitar tracks, also there is no sampled Power Drums, Club Bass, and Bass Slides sampled instruments, but only Acoustic Strummer.

Package version
Keyobard format

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