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Dynamix Styles 1&2 LIVE

Dynamix Styles 1 & 2 LIVE is one big package made of 18 styles for folk music, which is based on LIVE Drums previously presented for Korg Pa and Yamaha Tyros 3, 4 and 5
Dynamix Styles 1 & 2 Live contains also: Musicman Bass, Ethno Bass, Ethno Guitar, Stereo Steel Guitar, Stereo Riff Guitar, Tremolo Mandolin, Les Paul Guitar, Dynamix President and as a novelty here and Ethno Winds, instruments for folk music .
Ethno Winds is made up of eight instruments, Clarinet, Bulgarian and Macedonian bagpipe, kaval, Sax Ethno 1, Sax Ethno 2 and Ethno Sax Off Tune.

Dynamix Styles 1&2 LIVE

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