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Pro Drums

Pro Drums is a part of a new PRO line of professionally sampled instrument designed for Native Instruments Kontakt sampler .
The instrument is designed so that all settings are immediately available to the user who can very quickly in a few steps get very good results .
Pro Drums is sampled with 10 Velocity layers and 5 Round Robin variations for each component of the drum. In short, only one snare has 50 samples, there are 4 snares and 4 kicks in the Pro Drums.
Pro Drums is mapped so that it fits perfectly with the Korg Pa and Yamaha Tyros arrangers, it is also compatible with Roland and Ketron or any other arranger with MIDI interface.
Each drum component has three Tabs: ENVELOPE with control of the samples: Attack, Decay and Release, then EQ with 3 band EQ – Bass, Mid, High, and FX, where user can adjust the amount of Compression, Reverb and Gate Reverb with just a single knob.

Pro Drums is compatible only with Native Instruments Kontakt 4 and Kontakt 5 samplers.

Pro Drums

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