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Pro Bass

Pro Bass is a part of a new PRO line of professionally sampled instrument designed for Native Instruments Kontakt sampler .
Pro Bass is sampled with 5 Velocity layers through 2 Round Robin sample variations. The package contains two different bass sounds.
On the instrument are EQ settings and a button to turn the bass AMP simulation ON or OFF, which makes Pro Bass very useful and easy to get very good results.

Pro Bass is compatible only with Native Instruments Kontakt 4 and Kontat 5 samplers.

Pro Bass

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8 thoughts on “Pro Bass

  1. This sound very good … Wouldn’t it be possible to produce these for the Pa3x internally – too many things can go wrong on a live gig with the implementation of a Laptop set-up I think. So are you planning to produce these for the Pa3x instead of Kontakt libraries in the future?

    1. Kontakt 5 is very advanced sampler, Korg Pa and Yamaha Tyros are inferior, and do not have all options needed for this kind of sampled instruments.
      We do not have plans to make Pro Drums and Pro Bass for Korg Pa and Yamaha Tyros because we do not want to degrade the sound quality, realism, and playability.
      Kontakt is very stable, and if used with optimized PC or Mac it can be stable as keyboard it self.
      There is no reason for not using laptop for LIVE.

      1. Well, you definately set the bars high. I’m already a NI Komplete 9 owner, and yes – Kontakt definately has good scripting features. Without doubt. But you Guys are competing with very big brands out there, on terms in VI’s. I mean, is there to few arranger-players actually looking here for samples these days? Came here, because you Guys makes awsome samples for the keyboards – and you’re pretty much leading “this game”. But are Dynamix planning on doing VI’s, or providing samples for arrangers in the future? Was my main concerning question. Would hate to see you go (all) NI Kontakt, as there’s already many studios in this competition. What’s Dynamix thoughts on this?

        1. Our goal is to make arranger keyboards sound the best they can. PRO Drums and PRO Bass is our attempt to improve arrangers without sampler by using Kontakt and our sampled instruments, or even to improve arrangers with sampler because Kontat offers many advanced options and possibilities that no other hardware sampler do, especially samplers in arranger keyboards.
          Virtual Instrument market is big and very advanced, so our Kontakt instruments can not compete with big names in the business, but that is not our plan.
          We will always provide support for arranger keyboards, but we will always try to include as many advanced options as we can think of, so connecting your arranger with Kontakt sampler is logical step for us.

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