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LIVE Drums Loops

Dynamix Loops – Loops Drums LIVE is a package of audio drum loops which have been previously used in LIVE Dynamix Styles bundled universal styles of folk music.
LIVE Drums Loops can now be used separately in any arranger who has a sample board, so that these rhythms with professional isproduciranim drum can be used in the existing styles, and also the new styles that can be built on their basis.
LIVE Drums Loops come in several formats, including as WAVE files which can easily import the Korg and Ketron Audy, as well as for cut Groove Control files with the appropriate midi strip for Yamaha Tyros, Korg Pa.
In addition, Live Drums Loops are available in 44.1 khz for the best quality, and a little warmer 32kHz to save memory, which saves up to 25% RAM memory.
LIVE Drums Loops are unique audio drum loop’s because they played at the very start of 15 to 20 BPM slower, and therefore can bring up to 30 BPM less than the real speed that is used in a stylesheet.

LIVE Drums Loops

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12 thoughts on “LIVE Drums Loops

    1. That guitar is not for sale. Some smaller version of it will be available soon, but it is the same situation as for a 12 gigabyte drum kit you asked earlier, this guitar has more than one gigabyte.
      This is a presentation for LIVE Drums Loops, this guitar is just a part of the presentation.
      If you want smaller version of those drums, and guitar, please contact us at

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