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Dynamix Styles LIVE GM

Dynamix Styles LIVE GM is a new version of the popular Dynamix Styles LIVE , universal styles for folk music.
Dynamix Styles LIVE GM has new drum tracks in MIDI format, while the same acoustic drums set from LIVE pack is now sampled in detail and it is now the base of LIVE GM style pack instead of audio loops.
Dynamix Styles LIVE GM is now accessible to everyone, even to Pa800 and Tyros users, because the pack size is now a modest 17 ​​megabytes for Pa3X.
Yamaha Tyros has been planned for the original LIVE package, but due to limitations in the number of samples that can accommodate Tyros arranger, this option is rejected, and now with Dynamix Styles LIVE GM is feasible to make this package of styles for Tyros.
Each style is played again with Roland TD-12 electronic drum kit for properly recorded MIDI information and to be compatible with new LIVE Drums drum kit. LIVE drums will provide the same live sound, and feel as audio loops from the original LIVE pack.
Also, as always, LIVE Drums can be used for any other style, and for the first time LIVE  styles can be edited by everyone’s desire and prilaogoditi, which could not with original package styles.

Dynamix Styles LIVE GM

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