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Sonor Real Drums

After the introduction of the very popular Nashville Drums, Dynamix Samples presents Sonor Real Drums. Sonor Real Drums’ drum kits are mapped to a maximum of six layers, with RX Technology and Round Robin simulation.

Sonor Real Drums are designed to meet the most stringent criteria when it comes to arranger keyboards. Some of the samples in the Drum Kit are mapped linearly on the first three layers, while the other three are mapped non-linear for the highest degree of realism that today’s arranger samplers can provide.

Meaning, the first three layers are designed using a straight-line for playing ghost notes while the other three layers present a slight variation of the main percussion sample.

A simple change of velocity of +5, -5, changes the sample, creating a subtle difference which contributes to the realism and a livelier interpretation.


Sonor Real Drums

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9 thoughts on “Sonor Real Drums

  1. Good afternoon,
    I want to buy the nashville drums to Yamaha tyros 2, but in the nashville drums link i see the othes tyros but i don’t see the tyros 2, can you help me with this question.

    Best Regards.

    David Moreira

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