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Les Paul Guitar

Les Paul Guitar is another bank in the Dynamix Samples collection. Les Paul Custom 1972 is sampled for Korg PA1X, PA1X Pro, PA800, PA2X Pro, and PA3X arrangers as well as the Yamaha Tyros 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Les Paul Guitar is mapped in two layers for maximum realistic interpretation with muted samples in the low velocity zone switch. It is perfect for playing riff‘s and solo sections.

Les Paul Guitar comes in FULL and LITE versions depending on the amount of available memory with the almost same sound quality.

This presentation is made with Pa2X Pro, and Korg internal Amp Simulation effect,  so Tyros versions may sound little different because of the Amp Simulation effects in Tyros sound a little bit different, but the basic sound is identical.


Les Paul Guitar

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