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Ethno Pack

Dynamix Ethno Pack is a suite of samples specially made for folk music. Dynamix Ethno Pack contains Ethno Drums, Ethno Bass and Ethno Guitar 1, Ethno Guitar 2, and Ethno Guitar 3. These programs are three basic elements that make up the distinctive color of these instruments for folk music!

Ethno Drums continues the tradition of superior sampled drum which started with Nashville Drums, and Sonor Real Drums with the difference being that these are designed primarily for folk music but can also be used for other genres. Ethno Drums is sampled linearly to a maximum of six layers and offers excellent results in terms of liveliness and reality.

Ethno Bass is a picked style bass guitar which is very popular and widespread in folk music.

The bass was recorded and sampled through a quality bass amp resulting in a very real and authentic sound!

Ethno Guitar is a sampled Fender Stratocaster. It was recorded and produced with three different amplifiers and microphones, so there are three different programs to fit everyone’s taste when it comes to Ethno guitar!

Ethno Pack

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