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Dynamix Rhodes

Dynamix Rhodes is a sound package made of hight quality Rhodes sounds.
Each Rhodes sound is made of the same material, but with use of different DSP effect.
Dynamix Rhodes contains 95 individual, stereo samples mapped to 5 velocity layers for maximum playability, and realism.

Korg Pa version contains 8 Programs, Natural, Phaser, Tremolo, Chorus, Wah, Talking Modulator, Amped, Filter.
Yamaha Tyros version contains 4 Vocies, Natural, Amped, Tremolo.

The reason behind this difference in Program/Voice quantity is because of samples and memory manipulation, where Korg Pa uses the same resources for all Programs so the size of Dynamix Rhodes for Korg Pa is 1.5 mb, where Yamaha Tyros duplicates all samples with each Custom Voice, no matter they are all made with the same sampled material.
Yamaha Tyros users can make much more Voices by using great DSP effects integrated with Tyros arranger.

Dynamix Rhodes

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