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Dynamix Terce

Dynamix Terce is a package of universal sampled thirds that can be used with all instruments, be it a accordion, saxophone, trumpet, guitar or other solo instrument.

Dynamix Terce are sampled Sine Wave on 1khz, so they have universal sound that can be inserted below Upper1 so it can emulate second voice played with third.

Dynamix Terce are sampled so that each note has its own sample, and they are therefore very accurate and precise, and can be further adjusted so you can tune each note over 5 octaves, and so adapted to each song, and each solo section.

Dynamix thirds are made in tonalities that are commonly used, major and natural minor down and up, as well as the harmonic minor upward which is mostly used in ethnic music, but they can be tuned so they can be made for all tonalities.

The presentation you are watching is made using Korg Pa3X, but the procedure is identical to the Yamaha Tyros arrangers, as well as all Workstation keyboards.

Dynamix Terce

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