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LIVE Drums

LIVE Drums is a new drum kit previously presented in Dynamix Styles Live GM style package.
Recorded and sampled with 6 velocity layers, with over 40 different snare samples, LIVE Drums is built for maximum realism and faithful interpretation of all kinds of styles and all genres.

LIVE Drums for Yamaha Tyros 2 is available as well, but not for direct purchase because it comes as a Custom Voice TVN format, Tyros 2 does not support sampled Custom Drums TVD format. For Tyros 2 version purchase please contact us via Contact Form so we can give you all the information how to use it.

LIVE Drums

For multiple product discount, please contact us at

5 thoughts on “LIVE Drums

  1. hello friends,

    it can be used with the factory styles tyros 4 as standart kit? can I get a download link automatically after purchase? drumkit as it is loaded into tyros 4? many thanks.

    1. Yes, it can be used as Tyros 4 drum kits, on factory styles, user styles, midi files.
      You should know that it is not exactly the same as Tyros factory drum kits because LIVE Drums has more layers, it is mapped for better playability and sometimes you need to edit dynamics in your style in order to get the best results.
      Great thing about Tyros is that option to manipulate dynamics very easy, so any style even a bad one can be fixed to play good drum track.

  2. LIVE Drums for Tyros 3, and Tyros 4 had some minor problems with kick drum sample when used with factory styles, so we made an update.
    Everyone who did not made correction by them self please contact us at so we can send you the update.

    LIVE Drums za Tyros 3 i Tyros 4 je imao manje probleme sa kick drum-om prilikom korišćenja sa fabričkim stilovima, što je sada rešeno.
    Molimo sve koji su kupili ovaj drum kit da se jave kako bi dobili update-ovanu verziju.

  3. y) Hi Bojan
    Nice Sounds! Please tell me ,what is avaible for Tyros 4 und does is kost. Have you an special offer?Where can i order? I will pay with Paypal


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