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Wah-Wah Guitar

Wah-Wah Guitar is a suite of 5 wah-wah guitar programs made for Korg Pa arrangers, and 2 wah-wah voices for Yamaha Tyros 3 and 4, composed of 6 multisamples in 3 velocity layers .
The package for Korg Pa arrangers contains a style that can be heard in this presentation, with pre-defined effects to be easily copied to any other style in which we want to wah-wah guitar.

Wah-Wah Guitar

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4 thoughts on “Wah-Wah Guitar

  1. Wow, what drums did you use in this video? They sound so different… Especially that beginning, with that “thing”, i don’t know what it is from 0:02.

    1. It is a LIVE Drums, drum kit from our Dynamix Styles LIVE GM pack.
      You can get the drums of course, please contact us at so we can arrange something because we do not have it in our online store yet.
      The sound you hear at the beginning is a snare but played with a lot of rim, it is sampled specially for this drum kit and placed on dedicated note for use in situations like this when we want to give more punch to some fills or hits.

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