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Universal Drums – Tyros

Universal Drums je jednostavan i u isto vreme veoma moćan drum kit za Tyros 3 i 4 aranžere.Universal Drums je namenjen za veoma lako i brzo menjanje postojećih drum kit-ova u namenskim i univerzalnim stilovima, kao i za najveću kompatibilnost i univerzalnost zbog rasporeda layer-a.

10 thoughts on “Universal Drums – Tyros

    1. Only one drum kit for Tyros arrangers.
      We made 5 drum kits for Korg Pa3X, but they use the same samples, so the only difference is in setup of the drum kit programs, decay, or pitch, maybe some EQ.
      It can be done in Tyros as well.

  1. Will you make these available for the new Yamaha Tyros 5 ?
    I just learned that there is no Voice Creator for it.

    1. I do not have any confirmed information about T5, I hope it will be the same as T3 and T4, so we can create the sounds for T5 as well.

  2. Postovanje!
    Uzastopni udarci doboša jedan za drugim denfa prvobitni udarac!jeste to mozda primjetili i rijesili!hvala

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