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Universal Drums

Universal Drums is a package of 5 drum kits for the Korg arrangers, consisting of one set of samples, so the size is only 2.7 megabytes in Pa3X.

Universal Drums are designed to quickly and easily modify existing arranger drum tracks in all kind of styles, with highest compatibility and universality because of the layers distribution.

One of the five drum kits is the Universal Drums FREE which you can download from our site, and try it in your keyboard.
Universal Drums FREE has only one layer, and it is an indication of what is obtained in the full version of Universal Drums.

Universal Drums

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18 thoughts on “Universal Drums

    1. for now we can offer just Pa3X version, but until we prepare Universal Drums for Pa2X Pro you can have Universal Drums samples to make drum kit in your keyboard.

  1. Hello I have a Pa2XPro would like to change my kits.

    The set behind those kits?
    What is the price and the set?
    And how can adequir?

    I am waiting for a reply thank you ..

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