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Dynamix Duduk

Dynamix Duduk is a very complex program with three velocity layers of this great instrument.

Complex only in interpreting the possibilities it offers, and not in the use, and the Dynamix Duduk that you hear on this presentation is played only with right hand, using only the dynamics of playing and manipulating all three available layers.

In this way frees the left hand of Assignable Switches and Pitch Bender, and therefore leaves undisturbed leads to an arrangement, while Dynamix Duduk can be perfectly played only with your right hand using only playing dynamics.


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One thought on “Dynamix Duduk

  1. Awsome.i will get dmx set pro next week. A humble request from dmx: if you sample the Azeri instrument TAR it will really attrack attention. It will really be great to play tar with most of the punchy rock, pop and ethnic styles made by dynamix. Can you sample tar?

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